Indigo House – September 30, 2015

Indigo HouseIndigo House – Grand Opening! Wow what a blast! Everytime we do a job for Jerrico Webster and Dana Pate of Matrix Residential, it is just the most pleasurable experience possible. You wouldn’t believe.

Not many jobs you get the support, help and direction to make the performance and event a memorable one. These guys max it, really professional.

Not only that, the parties and grand openings they throw are SUPER successful and we get allot of appreciation from their guests, patrons, residents and prospects for these incredibly beautiful luxury apartment sites.

(They really are NICE! See Here)  ✭ And from last post: Inman Quarter

You may have seen Jerrico and Dana mentioned in one of our earlier posts. Because, guess what folks, they have hired us 3 times this year already!  I think we are in synchronicity now Jerrico & Dana, what do you think? Hey, at the least its one professional to another and trusting the excellence of the work. We take pride and you do too, it shows.

Well, I could go on and on about this and the way we feel – but last word is …its great to be appreciated and your patrons are so interesting and involved, nice gig to play for nice folks…and of course that comes from you guys!!

Keep up the good work and we’ll be available anytime you need us, again thanks for your support and work this year..feels great and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Bye for now!

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