Roswell Rotary Club Rocks Jekyll Island

Last June 2014 we had the best time playing for The Roswell Rotary Club @ the Chattahoochee Nature Center, here in Atlanta. That was their installation party and what a BEAUTIFUL setting outside at the Pavilion by the Chattahoochee River.

rotary1Those following this blog may remember the glowing reviews we received from club members and officers from that evening.  Attendance was around 200 to 300 (as I remember) and Jazz By Two filled the halls with cool jazz and popular music to a very receptive crowd. What a fun evening we’ll all never forget!   Lou Review

Fast forward to 2015. Very excited and honored to be asked back (by The Roswell Rotary Club) to play at the 2015 Rotary Club District Conference this year.

So, on April 25th Jazz By Two hit the road to Jekyll Island for a great beach road trip. We were to play two events this time (on the same day)  both were successful despite immanent bad weather and unconscionable behavior from the hotel (shame on you!!)

This could NOT squelch the “ROCKIN’ ROSWELL ROTARY CLUB from keepin’ on, keepin on!!  So much so, they were crowned Club Of The Year! So we want to congratulate them and we were glad to be even a little part of that.

Bob Hagan was named “District 6900 Governor” and this was a celebration of his new position, as well.  So, congratulations to you too Bob!  (Have another Haganade!)

Included here is a special tune requested for Mr. Hagan. It’s “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong (video courtesy of Jim Coyle).  Jazz By Two did not have that in our repertoire, so we worked it up quickly.

This was the first time we performed it live (Just For You Bob!)  So…sorry for any bumps & grinds (don’t beat us up too bad)… hey, at least we got some dancers (on video), that counts for something, right?

Want to give a special shout out to Karen Schwank, Lou Tabickman and Jim Coyle.  So, so good seeing you all again and thanks for having us down and keeping all the ducks in a row.

From all the reports we see, everyone had a great time and enjoyed our music and entertainment.  Again, it is was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Look forward to seeing you again soon! That was some really big fun!

**Visit your local Rotary Club these are some great people doing great things in your community, I’m just sayin’!



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