2021 Downtown Eatonton – Makers and Movies Event – Jazz By Two

In 2019 Jazz By Two did the “Spring Art Walk” for Main Street Covington, Ga.  This was a blast! It was held in the town square / park in the middle of downtown. 

Very healthy attendance and a lot of fun performing outside on a such a beautiful day. The Arts and crafts booths and other activities made this a relaxing festival to be a part of.

Makers and Movies Events

Lauren Singleton was the manager for the Conington, Ga event. event. We must have done a fine job for her, because she rehired us for a follow up FALL fest in 2019, as well.

Moving forward to 2021. We all know (only too well) what happened in 2020.

But, Lauren moved on to be manager of Eatonton Main Street Events and has invited us to be entertainment for two upcoming shows on June 12th and July 10th – called Makers and Movies. Alot going on over in Eatonton downtown These days, so Im sure shes going to enjoy it there.

Thanks again Lauren for being a supporter of our group. We look forward to playing your festivals this year it will be a ball!

Proud to be doing out 1st performance(s)of 2021

Our best

Jeff and Billy

Jazz By Two

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