Passing of Joe LoRé – owner TV 47

Jeff and I were sad to hear this devastating news. Joe LoRé was a consummate professional and super nice guy to work with.  Joe and Tom Carpenter were always willing to listen to our suggestions about editing and audio on the two broadcasts we did for TV 47.  They did a bang up job as anyone knows that’s seen them.

Atlanta Jazz and Blues Show – Jazz By Two  2014

Atlanta Jazz and Blues Show – Jazz By Three  2018

He was always a welcoming and engaging dude; making us super relaxed in the studio giving way to best performance we could achieve.  What a crazy bunch and so fun to work with. We’ll miss it and you too, Joe.  Below is obit from our friend and on the onsite photog Tom Marnell.

R.I.P.  Mr.Joe

Jeff & Billy



Very sad to be sending out the news that the technical driving force behind the production of the show Atlanta Jazz and Blues, Mr. Joe LoRe, passed away last night. No details at this time.

Most of you have done at least one recording with Joe at the helm of camera operations in the studio. He was the founder and operator of TV47, a streaming TV show that aired the Atlanta Jazz and Blues show
several times a week. After Comcast 25 Studio closed Joe was the person responsible for keeping the show recording first at the West Side Cultural Arts Center and then at the fellowship hall of the Tucker Methodist Church. We had only done 4-5 recordings in that location before Joe Passed. Joe was a cameraman for the Sesame Street show for many years.

He was fun, creative and easy to work with. He will really be missed.

Production of the show has been put on hold and hopefully we will be up and running soon with another engineer. Not sure, at this point, what is going to happen to the tv47 show.

Tom Marnell



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    • Aaron LoRe'
    • January 31, 2019

    Thank you guys so much for this. I didn’t know about this til today but it warms my heart that you honored my father. It was great running camera with him and watching you play.

      • bebjazz12
      • February 2, 2019

      Hi Aaron,
      It was our pleasure and honor to work with your Dad. Coming into the Comcast Studio for our 1st Atlanta Jazz Blues Show (2014) it was obvious, as soon as we met Joe, we were the presence of a TV professional. He walked the walk and talked the talk. An experienced pro in his position could have been very nasty and impatient with us coming to he & Tom’s show for the first time.

      Instead, your Dad was courteous, friendly & funny and tried to cater to our needs. It shows, because he pulled a great performance out of us that day and we still get compliments on that taping, even today! We sure appreciate your father (and his baby TV47) and Tom Carpenter / Atlanta Jazz & Blues Show for the broadcasts we did over the years. We are proud of that and it was nice meeting and working with YOU Aaron on our taping in 2018.

      Jeff & I wish you all the luck in the world and we’ll miss your Pop…God Bless Joe LoRe’
      We are so,so sorry for your loss and to the world of broadcasting who lost a real talent.
      Our condolences and our very best,
      Jeff & Billy
      Jazz By Two

      • Budd Leo
      • November 14, 2019

      Hi Aaron,
      My name is Budd Leo. I’m from New Jersey, and now live in Hawai’i where I moved in 1972. I had lived in Orange, NJ, in the same building as your dad, and we both work in Newark at Channel 47. I worked with him for several years before I left for a television chief engineer job in Hawaii. I returned to New Jersey for several years, and I went to the birthday party that your father put together for the retired TV host John Zackerly. It was so good to see your dad. We had so many great stories that we shared at channel 47 years ago, like the time your dad was being overworked to be in different parts of the station on short notice. So one day he came in on rollerskates. The chief engineer did not see the humor. If you’d like me to share some stories with you, just let me know.

      My email address is

  1. Reply

    Always enjoyed the music on TV47 as well as the other oddities shown. I spoke with Joe about my interest in analog broadcasting back when he had the WSVTB-LP analog channel broadcasting from Peachtree City and he was happy to answer my questios about low power to as well as talk about music! He will be missed. R.I.P. and deepest of condolences to you, Aaron and the rest of his family and friends.

    • pete cerbone
    • October 10, 2022

    Is this the same Joe LoRé that had roots in Bayonne, New Jersey? If so, I have a few fond memories of such a nice and kind fellow.

      • bebjazz12
      • February 2, 2023

      Hey Pete,
      Sorry for late reply. Joe was a fun & very nice guy. i worked on 2 TV projects for Jazz By Three with him. We were shocked at the news and miss him. Here is a great link on his very full life, working for Sesame St. etc.
      again, R.I.P. Mr. Joe

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