Indigo House – September 30, 2015

Indigo HouseIndigo House – Grand Opening! Wow what a blast! Everytime we do a job for Jerrico Webster and Dana Pate of Matrix Residential, it is just the most pleasurable experience possible. You wouldn’t believe.

Not many jobs you get the support, help and direction to make the performance and event a memorable one. These guys max it, really professional.

Not only that, the parties and grand openings they throw are SUPER successful and we get allot of appreciation from their guests, patrons, residents and prospects for these incredibly beautiful luxury apartment sites.

(They really are NICE! See Here)  ✭ And from last post: Inman Quarter

You may have seen Jerrico and Dana mentioned in one of our earlier posts. Because, guess what folks, they have hired us 3 times this year already!  I think we are in synchronicity now Jerrico & Dana, what do you think? Hey, at the least its one professional to another and trusting the excellence of the work. We take pride and you do too, it shows.

Well, I could go on and on about this and the way we feel – but last word is …its great to be appreciated and your patrons are so interesting and involved, nice gig to play for nice folks…and of course that comes from you guys!!

Keep up the good work and we’ll be available anytime you need us, again thanks for your support and work this year..feels great and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Bye for now!

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Cinco’s Restaurant Hires Jazz By Two for Sunday Brunches

Cinco's Resturant - Jazz By TwoAfter some auditions and review Cinco’s Restaurant – 1500 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Suwanee, GA 30024  has hired Jazz by Two for the New Sunday Brunch Buffet starting on August 23rd 2015. ( see: Cinco Suwanee Sunday Brunch featuring Jazz By Two @ top of advertisement )

We have played about six Sundays now and it seems to be going great.  Food is excellent and I would recommend it (and especially the brunch…since we are playing there, ha!) The decor is very modern, clean and new  – with a huge bar a mile long!

Cinco is authentic, Latin-infused Mexican Cuisine served in a setting that is designed to put a contemporary twist on Mexico’s culture. They have 3 locations in Atlanta (Akersmill Rd.), Cumming, Ga. and thisCinco's Resturant - Jazz By Two one in Suwanee.

What’s called for on  this job is “Latin Jazz” only. We do no vocals here and no swing (which we miss dearly) – but, it is fun discovering new Latin numbers that fit this atmosphere and working them up.

Silver lining in everything, if you look for it. Hopefully this “New Breakfast Buffet” will be a great success and we can grow in this effort with the staff. They are off to a good start we believe. Shout out to Juan, Kelly and Scott. Thanks for having us, guys.

Oh well, time to get ready and got to work at Cinco’s on this Sunday morning.


Cinco's Resturant - Jazz By Two








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Roswell Rotary Club Rocks Jekyll Island

Last June 2014 we had the best time playing for The Roswell Rotary Club @ the Chattahoochee Nature Center, here in Atlanta. That was their installation party and what a BEAUTIFUL setting outside at the Pavilion by the Chattahoochee River.

rotary1Those following this blog may remember the glowing reviews we received from club members and officers from that evening.  Attendance was around 200 to 300 (as I remember) and Jazz By Two filled the halls with cool jazz and popular music to a very receptive crowd. What a fun evening we’ll all never forget!   Lou Review

Fast forward to 2015. Very excited and honored to be asked back (by The Roswell Rotary Club) to play at the 2015 Rotary Club District Conference this year.

So, on April 25th Jazz By Two hit the road to Jekyll Island for a great beach road trip. We were to play two events this time (on the same day)  both were successful despite immanent bad weather and unconscionable behavior from the hotel (shame on you!!)

This could NOT squelch the “ROCKIN’ ROSWELL ROTARY CLUB from keepin’ on, keepin on!!  So much so, they were crowned Club Of The Year! So we want to congratulate them and we were glad to be even a little part of that.

Bob Hagan was named “District 6900 Governor” and this was a celebration of his new position, as well.  So, congratulations to you too Bob!  (Have another Haganade!)

Included here is a special tune requested for Mr. Hagan. It’s “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong (video courtesy of Jim Coyle).  Jazz By Two did not have that in our repertoire, so we worked it up quickly.

This was the first time we performed it live (Just For You Bob!)  So…sorry for any bumps & grinds (don’t beat us up too bad)… hey, at least we got some dancers (on video), that counts for something, right?

Want to give a special shout out to Karen Schwank, Lou Tabickman and Jim Coyle.  So, so good seeing you all again and thanks for having us down and keeping all the ducks in a row.

From all the reports we see, everyone had a great time and enjoyed our music and entertainment.  Again, it is was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Look forward to seeing you again soon! That was some really big fun!

**Visit your local Rotary Club these are some great people doing great things in your community, I’m just sayin’!



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Jazz By Two Comes to The Martyn House In Towne Music Venue

Martyn-House-Music -Menu

We are very honored to be invited to play The Martyn House In Towne Music Venue in Ellijay, Ga. on March 21, 2015.  This venue was a new one to us.  But, apparently the owners JoAnn Antonelli & Rick Lucas had been watching us from afar..  It has been a great year in 2014 with being on TV47’s Atlanta Jazz & Blues Show. (you can see that show here.)  Also, winning a Best Of 2014 and a couple of awards at our online booking agent Gigmasters. (see  here).

I digress. Anyway, The Martyn House has had its designs on JAZZ music lately. Yes (of course) in Ellijay, Ga. you are going to have a healthy interest in blue grass, Americana and more folksy music.  (and, granted, they do have plenty of this on the calendar).  But, they also have many famous Atlanta artists (many from Decatur) playing this venue.  How ’bout Michelle Malone, Caroline Aiken and Bill Sheffield (for starters) Lots of singer / songwriters-roots and soul music too.

Martyn-House-Music -Menu2

So, come see for yourself and check out my partner Jeff Andrew Simpson’s original jazz music In A Midnight Moon (listen and buy here)

We play many private events on our calendar – this is a chance to really cut loose and show our raw talent and play some of the best music you never heard! Sounds like an adventure to the Blue Ridge Mountains…SEE YOU THERE!


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2014 Event Archives From JBT Home Page

More Breaking News August 1st, 2014

wall-st2The Rotary Club of Roswell has given us the “touch of gold” as far as reviews go. (See Full Review Here) I want to thank (personally) President Lou Tabickman and Karen Schwank (first) for the glowing reviews you both sent and also for giving us everything thing we needed to make this show and event SO special and run SO smoothly.  Very special night and we had lots ‘n lots of fun as you know.


UPDATE 11/29/14: A very successful “Event For Wall Street Conyers” – September 18th


Another successful gig for Jazz By Two. Attendees included The Rockdale and Newton Chamber of Commerce leaders along with other business groups including The Rockdale Physicians Office Association. Wow, very warm venue (air conditioning SNAFU) but, we still had dancers, Louis Jordan lovers and compliments to the band.  So it was rewarding.  Thanks Katie for being a gracious host and the “5 Star Review” over at Gigmasters.      Also, (Check Out This Very Nice Ad) including a small video promo of the event.

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Upcoming Events For Jazz By Two and News For August 2014

It has been a wonderful year so far! Just on the heels of our appearance on Tv47  “The Atlanta Jazz & Blues Show” in July – we have some other exciting news!  Wall Street Conyers has hired us for a huge networking event in September.  Update 10/3/14: We played this gig & thanks to the crowd for your appreciation of jazz and everyone for your help making this a success.

Wall St. Conyers



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Rotary Club Of Roswell Clocks In With A Killer Review

Hello Billy,

I wanted again to let you guys know how much I enjoyed having you play at our annual installation party at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. I thought you both were absolutely fabulous. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the music and several asked “Wow, where did you find these guys!?” Your repertoire of music was perfect and if you weren’t looking on stage, you would have sworn there was a much larger band playing.

For events of this nature, Jazz by Two will become our first choice in the future!! Great job!!

As requested, if you would allow me to have a copy of the “Possible Theme”, I would greatly appreciate it. We can play the original from time to time but I would rather play yours………..I like it better than the original!

If there is anything else I can do for you guys just let me know. I would be happy to write a review for you if you would like.

Best regards,

Lou Tabickman

Rotary Club of Roswell
Trustee for the Chattahoochee Nature Center
Trustee for The Cottage School

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Welcome To The New Jazz Music Site!

Welcome once again to the site jazz lovers! Many things available to you here…check out MEDIA for music clips and Videos of the band. Go to BOOKING page to contact us or get a quote for your event!

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